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Quality solar and electrical services.

Our ambition is to provide high-quality solar solutions and products to help you save on utility bills, keep the lights on and live a sustainable lifestyle.

Solar installation

Solar & Electrical Services

Solar power is an alternate energy source that provides clean, renewable power to homes and businesses. Contact us for a quote, and go off the grid today.

Off-Grid Solar Solutions

The system provides power only through the solar system, and there is no utility power available.

Hybrid Solar Solutions

Hybrid solar systems use solar power as first source of power and switch to utility power when the solar is insufficient to provide the load power.

Grid-tie Solar Solutions

Grid-tie solar systems uses solar power during the day when the sun is shining to lower the use of utility power for a saving on the electricity bill.

Back-up Solar Systems

A backup solar system consists of only a battery bank and a hybrid inverter and provides power to the essential loads when the utility power is not available.

Solar prices
Custom solar packages to suit all budgets.

The modular design of our solar products makes them easy to manage and allows you to start small and grow. We pride ourselves on every aspect of our business, from the quality of our products to our work environment’s safety. We inlcude warranties for all our work, including installation.

Inverter Warranties

5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Battery Warranties

10-year warranty on batteries.

Solar Panel Warranties

10-year warranty on solar panels.

Workmanship Warranties

90-day warranty on workmanship.

Solar brands

Solar Brands we work with:

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Henco Barnard
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Excellent service and prices and always willing to help, even after installation! Would highly recommend Waterberg Solar Solutions !!
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Thank you Jannie Your service was Incredibly Very professional You definitely know what you're talking about and I know people can trust you